May 18, 2022

Police officers who forgot handcuffs after robbing foreigners and went to pick them arrested

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Police officers who robbed a foreigner and forgot handcuffs at the crime scene have been arrested.
This is after they came back to pick up the handcuffs.
Administration police officers Kennedy Riendo and Joseph Kakuli robbed an Egyptian national Naoman Mosad, Sh100, 000 from a city trader, and kitchenware items valued at more than Sh170,000 near gateway Mombasa road.
“Earlier at the Gateway mall the officers one armed with an AK-47 assault rifle and in jungle uniform and the other in civilian clothes had arrested one Naoman Mosad an Egyptian national, on allegations that the victim was illegaly in the country,” the police said.
The officers demanded Sh200,000 from the victims to set them free but Mosad declined, according to the police report.
“The foreigner responded that he only had Sh29,000 in his Mpesa account, and the officers escorted him to an Mpesa outlet at the Imara mall to withdraw the cash,” the police said.
Mosad contacted the director of Apogee warehouse group Susan Makena.
Maken arrived on time before the transaction was completed and stopped the foreigners from withdrawing cash to bribe the officers.
“She stopped the foreigner from making the withdrawal and insisted they report the matter at Mlolongo police station for the lawful process to take the course,” the police said.
The officers reluctantly agreed to board the woman’s vehicle to Mlolongo. Riendo, who was in the uniform sat at the co-driver’s seat while Kakuli who was in plainclothes sat at the back seat with Mosad.
“However along the way, Riendo threatened the victim that they were wasting their time, and they would kill them,” the police said.
His accomplice at the back reached for his handcuffs and cuffed the foreigner’s hands before ransacking his pockets and making away with Sh100,500. Meanwhile at the front, Riendo snatched the driver’s phone and threw it at the back seat.
“He dangerously engaged the vehicle’s handbrake and the driver lost control causing an accident,” the police said.
The two police hurriedly disembarked from the vehicle and disappeared from the scene.
Detectives and general duty police officers based at Embakasi police station responded to the incident and rescued the victims who luckily, did not suffer any injuries.
“But as fate would have it, the two thugs who had since changed their clothes and were now not armed returned to the scene to clean up their mess,” the statement read.
“Earlier as they fled the scene, they forgot to uncuff their prisoner and for fear of being busted, they crept back to collect them, only to find the scene heavily secured.”
“The two said that they were in the vehicle earlier, and alleged that they were on the verge of death moments ago since the driver had caused an accident intending to kill them,” the police said.
That lame explanation failed to convince the detectives who immediately arrested the two police officers based at the CIPU headquarters, for further investigations.
Seven boxes of the earlier stolen kitchenware were recovered from a vehicle in Mlolongo.

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