May 18, 2022

A father, and step mother arrested for killing a six-year-old

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Police have made a major breakthrough in unraveling the murder mystery of 6-year-old Beverly Mumo Musyoki, who was brutally murdered by her father Robinson Musyoki and stepmother Rose Muteti, on August, 24, 2020.
The fresh investigations by the homicide experts have provided enough evidence that the two killed the six year old baby and allowed the police to arrest them yesterday at Emali, in Makueni county.
According to Beverly’s biological mother Naomi Kiamba, she learnt of the death of her daughter through a phone call from her ex-husband, who called her on August, 24, 2020 and informed her that he was headed to Montezuma funeral home, since their daughter had fallen sick and died.
Naomi rushed to the funeral home only to be confronted by the lifeless body of her daughter bearing bruises all over the body.
A report issued then by the chief government pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor, indicated that the cause of death was blunt force trauma, giving inference that the child died due to injuries consistent to a case of child abuse.
Investigations by the homicide detectives indicate that following the bitter separation of Beverly’s parents, a children’s court had directed that Robinson stays with the children for one month from October 29, 2019 to December 5, 2020 before returning them to their mother.
That was the last time Naomi saw her daughter alive, since her ex husband an engineer at the Kenya Pipeline, never returned the children and stopped picking her calls. Unknown to her, Robinson had married another woman and moved in with her in an unknown location.
Naomi went back to court on December, 16, 2019 and obtained a warrant of arrest against Robinson which was served to the OCS Industrial Area police station. Robinson was nowhere to be found until almost a year later, when he called Naomi with the devastating news of their daughter’s demise.
Prior to their separation, the couple lived happily and were devout Christians. Naomi’s husband played the guitar at the African Brotherhood Church in starehe while she sang in the choir. But all of a sudden, Naomi started noticing weird behavior from the husband. He started drinking alcohol yet he was a teetotaler and would conduct rituals using animal blood. This pushed Naomi to depression leading to the collapse of their marriage.
The detectives have also established that the deceased’s 11-year-old brother who is a key witness in this case had received threats to his life, if he revealed what had transpired prior to his sister’s death.

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