May 18, 2022

Don’t pay bribes to get primaries certificates-ODM

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ODM has warned aspirants against paying bribes to get the nomination certification.
The former PM Raila Odinga’s party said that the National Election Board (NEB) has received many complaints of people extorting money from the aspirants.
“The NEB has received a few complaints on incidences where some fraudent persons are trying to extort money from odm candidates with promises of issuing them with the party nomination excercise,” NEB Chairperson Cathrine Mumma said in a statement on Tuesday.
The Chairperson said that all the ODM candidates will receive their certificates from ODM county officials.
“This is to inform all our candidates not to pay anyone for thier ODM certificate. Please report any individual who asks you to pay for ODM certificate. The NEB is preparing the certoficates by county and will ideally hand them to hand to a representative to hand them to the respectove candidates.”

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