May 18, 2022

New clues show Vitah Nikesh might have been killed in the temple

Crime scene

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Homicide detectives have taken over investigations into the death of Vitah Nikesh.

This after Homicide team established that a number of people have interfeared with the crime scene and deleted CCTV footage form neaby buildings.
Nikesh body was found by neighbours hanging on a window at house number one of Block 1, at the Swaminarayan Temple flats.
The flats are along the Southern bypass, off Langata road.
A 2-month-old infant lay on an adjacent bed.
“Homicide experts have taken over investigations into the death of a 27-year-old woman whose body was discovered hanging from a window grill at a city apartment, on the morning of April 3, 2022,” the police said.
Security guards manning the premises broke the door to the flat and found the deceased’s lifeless body hanging on a piece of clothing.
According to the first report, the woman’s husband Nikesh Harji Shanghai was not in the house at the time of the discovery.
“Shanghani and the deceased lived as husband and wife and had been blessed with three children, one 4-year-old boy and two twins who were barely 2-months-old,” the police said.
Preliminary investigations indicated that the woman had taken her own life, due to mistreatment by the husband who it was alleged was a drunkard and rarely provided for the family.
The man had returned home late that night, but left at around 6 am after a heated argument and proceeded to an establishment at Galleria Mall, where he continued drinking with a friend.
It also emerged that on a fateful morning, the deceased had handed their 4-year-old son to her next-door neighbour and asked her to proceed with him to the temple before she joined them.
The twin sister to the 2-month-old baby found in the bedroom was said to be with the woman’s mother-in-law, who lived a few blocks away.
“Multiple witnesses, who were interviewed immediately after the body’s discovery, indicated that the husband Nikesh Harji Shangani, 32, had brought the deceased into the country from India, a few years ago after which they lived as husband and wife,” the police said.
The woman’s body was cremated the following day April 4, 2022, at the Kariokor crematorium under the Hindu culture and religion.
“However, serious questions emerged afterwards into the circumstances leading to the woman’s death, opening a fresh can of worms in what could have been a comedy of errors by the first responders to the scene of the incident,” the police said.
After a forensic examination of the scene as later demonstrated by cyber forensics and imaging experts, homicide specialists could not rule out the possibility of foul play due to the position of the body and the knot patterns of the clothing that the deceased was found hanging on.
Yesterday, forensic teams from the Crime Scene Investigations Unit, Imaging & Acoustics and the Homicide team went back to the scene and discovered that CCTV footage recorded on the day of the murder at an adjacent temple had been deleted, pointing to a likely conspiracy into the death of the woman.
The deceased’s husband was placed behind bars last evening, as the homicide detectives conclude investigations into the woman’s mysterious death.

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