May 18, 2022

State To Review Media Regulatory And Policy

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The state will review the country’s media regulatory and policy environment to meet emertging industry challenges.

The Principal Secretary, State Department for Broadcasting and Telecommunications, Esther Koimett said the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs is keen on working with all stakeholders in the media industry to ensure that the country has a media that serves public interest and works responsibly.

Koimett said it is in the interest of the country and citizenry that media reports that are of public interest are factual and objective, and cautioned journalists against publishing and airing unverified information during this era of misinformation, propaganda and misuse of online platforms.

“We urge the media to practice balanced and professional reporting to fulfill their mandate to the country,” she said, adding that Kenyans expect the media to help them make a difference in their lives and promote transparency and good governance in a professional and responsible manner.

She reiterated the government’s commitment to invest in media development, to respect freedom of the press and to foster improvement in the sector through standards, procedures and practices that promote goodwill among stakeholders.

The PS was speaking on Monday during the launch of the Standard Media Group’s (SG) Converged Newsroom and Revamped KTN News at the Standard Group headquarters, Mombasa Road, the first of its kind in East Africa.

The objective of the Converged Newsroom is to transform news and other content streams across platforms into one integrated unit.

Koimett commended the SG for the transformation, saying that the ultra-modern converged newsroom will enable the media house to tell more effective stories and to offer more opportunities for the public to be involved in a story, as well as remain relevant in the competitive sector.

“We expect this convergence will serve the purpose of keeping our populace informed, educated and entertained through balanced, objective reporting and wholesome productive content,” she said.

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