May 18, 2022

Police arrest villagers assaulting a widow, son

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Police have arrested three suspected who assaulted a widow in a video that emerged online on Sunday.
The police said that they arrested Dedan Kimathi Agan, Enos Odhiambo Osoo and Lukio Okwiri on Monday night.
“Further to an incident reported yesterday where an old lady with her son were assaulted by known persons, the following are under arrest and being processed to be arraigned for offence of assault causing actual bodily harm,” the police said.
“A video clip circulating on social media where an old lady and a young man assumed to be her son are being flogged by an unnamed aggressor has been noted by the National Police Service.”
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The police said that the cruel act victimising the two for whatever reason was unjustified, unlawful and cruel.
“NPS joins outraged Kenyans in condemning the uncalled brutality against the two,” the police said.
They added that their are legally laid down procedures of settling conflicts between people.
“The rule of law should always prevail against the rule of the mob in all situations. The area police officers are handling the matter,” the police said.
“We shall therefore share the outcome of their findings in due course.”
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