May 16, 2022

[PHOTOS] Kenya Kwanza sign agreement with 12 parties ahead of the 2022 polls

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Kenya Kwanza signed a coalition agreement of twelve parties.
Deputy President William Ruto said that the parties form a formidable team that will take Kenya to the next level.
“Kenya Kwanza is an alliance of the people, by the people for the people that are keen on transforming the economy of our country; starting with those at the lower echelons of society,” Ruto said during the siging ceremonyt at Ngong Race course.

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He added that Kenya Kwanza reconfigures the political foundation of Kenya, bringing back the integrity of every leader and their signature.
The political parties that signed include the United Democratic Alliance, Amani National Congress, Ford Kenya, Chama Cha Kazi, Communist Party of Kenya and the Devolution Party.
Others are Economic Freedom Party, Farmers Party, The Service Party, Tujibebe Wakenya Party and Umoja Maendeleo Party.
ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi said that Kenya Kwanza is winning the hearts of many.
“It’s the moment of truth, a new start for political and economic revolution free from deceitful machination,” Musalia said.

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“Today marks a great day and milestone as the Kenya Kwanza Alliance officially signed the coalition of parties agreement that we have all read and agreed on together.”
He added that the earthquake continues to be felt throughout the political scene.
“Kenya Kwanza will transform the way we do politics for the better.

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