May 18, 2022

Kalonzo and Gideon should stop fighting us in Azimio -Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka

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Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has said that Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka and his Kanu counterpart Gideon Moi should stop fighting other Azimio la Umoja parties.
Mutua said that Azimio’s objective was to unite the country to accelerate economic development, and it was unfair for Kalonzo and Gideon to start making fresh demands.
He said Kenya was facing the political selfishness of leaders and opportunists who whine and blackmail to push their interests.
“I’m therefore surprised that OKA is talking about inclusivity but advocating for exclusion of over 20 political parties who signed up to form Azimio,” Mutua said.
“I would urge OKA and all our partners in Azimio to become more accommodative, not only to Mwanzo Mpya as the fourth leg but to any other political outfit that wishes to join Azimio. We must not lose sight that we are looking for victory, and politics is about numbers.”
Mutua said that Azimio members are working together in the spirit of Umoja before the document that OKA is insisting is reinstated.
“The document was creating a power base of only three parties – Jubillee, ODM and Wiper, excluding all the other parties of Azimio from effective and democratic participation in Azimio,” wiper said.
He said that the Azimio parties endorsed ODM leader Raila Odinga via a democratic process of delegates and we felt that the seat of his running mate should also be processed through a democratic process that brings everyone together, for acceptability and effective motivation for campaigning.
“To cure all these issues, Raila, in his wisdom and spirit of inclusivity, chaired a meeting of all parties allied to Azimio where a caucus called Mwanzo Mpya representing the other parties in Azimio, was admitted into the leadership Apex,” Mutua said.
“Anyone engaging in a manner to ferment a crisis and pushing for the exclusion of others that would make Azimio stronger must be working for the competition to weaken a strong coalition that is meant to propel Raila Odinga to the presidency,” Mutua said.
“I cannot find any other reasons for demanding that others be excluded and only a special outfit that creates an “Azimio La Utenganishi” be recognized.”
Mutua called on Raila and the other players in Azimio not to bow down to blackmail and extortion but to stand firm in championing democracy, inclusion, politics of transformation, wealth creation and peace and stability in Kenya

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