May 18, 2022

Communication Authority Bans SIM Card Hawking

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The Communication Authority (CA) of Kenya has banned hawking of the  Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) cards.

Director General Ezra ChilobaEzra said that the SIM cards will now be sold at designated locations to facilitate the registration of new lines in accordance with the authority policies.

Chiloba said tyhat those found breaking the law will be fined Sh300, 000 or face a six- month jail term.

According to CA, the cards are normally sold by hawkers without any presentation of ID, but now with the registration, it will ensure compliance with the legal requirements and protect consumers of telecommunications services.

The rule will be effective once gazetted according to the CA and it will be able to assist in streamlining the industry which has been marred by fraudulent use and misuse of multiple lines by subscribers with some sim cards being sold with other people’s identity card used to defraud other Kenyans or commit robbery

The CA Director General emphasised that sim cards can only be sold at designated points and no longer on the streets as it used to happen in order to reduce cases of financial fraud, kidnapping, and even terrorism

“Telecommunication operators and registration agents shall sell and register sim cards only in formal retail outlets, even during promotions, and shall ensure no hawking of line registration services, “the DG said.

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