May 16, 2022

Ruto should resign-Jubilee

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Jubilee wants the Deputy President William Ruto to resign and lead the opposition team.

The party Secretary general Jeremiah Kioni said that Ruto should stop criticize or step down.

Kioni said that Ruto has become a serial complainer instead of offering practical solutions that can improve the lives of Kenyans.

“Ruto is taking the advantage of the plight of Kenyans to earn political mileage while posing as a Messiah. Ruto should make a choice, to be an ordinary citizen who holds no office or to be a second in command, paid by the taxpayers to address the challenges facing the country,” Kioni said in a statement. He was reading the statement onbehalf of the Jubilee legislators.

Kioni said that the DP uses not less than Sh50 million from the government to campaign.

“During his recent trip abroad to the US and the UK, Ruto’s 131-man cheering squad spend a whooping Sh200 million in logistics, flights, accommodation, and allowances. This is enough to provide an emergency food intervention programme in drought-stricken counties,” Kioni said.

He added that the DP also enjoys government logistics, security, facilities and houses, which he should be using to serve Kenyans.

“Ruto has two clear choices, occupy his dusty house at Harambee House and help the President dispense his mandate to the people of Kenyan as he constitutionally should, or resign from his position and lead the opposition atop his tax-funded top of the range Land Cruiser,” Kioni said.


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