May 19, 2022

Man Kills Another After Finding Him Pants Down With His Wife

Crime scene

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A 35-year-old man lost his life yesterday after he was found pants down with another man’s wife.
In an incident that left villagers of Ukwala in Keringet, Kuresoi South Sub-county shocked, Edwin Komen, met his death in the most unlikely manner, at around 2pm yesterday.
Earlier, Komen had been ushered into the man’s house by his wife where they were having the time of their lives, before they were busted by the woman’s husband.
In a fit of rage, the 53-year-old man reached for a machete and descended on the besieged young man mercilessly hacking his head three times, killing him on the spot.
In the ensuing melee, the woman fled the scene to nearby farms and hasn’t been seen again.
Villagers who heard the commotion thronged the homestead to have a glimpse of the scene, never witnessed in the characteristic quiet Ukwala village. Women chanted incantations while holding their heads, as curious children pushed and shoved from the periphery, to have a glimpse of what was happening.
The area chief Peter Langat termed the incident as unfortunate and called on the villagers to be law abiding and not take the law into their own hands in such circumstances.
Meanwhile, the suspect is currently in custody at Keringet Police station, being processed for arraignment.

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