May 18, 2022

How Nairobi Forest road Boda boda sexual assault suspect used strangers’ phones

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The boda boda suspect in the Nairobi’s Forest Road sexual assault video used phones from strangers to escape the police dragnet.
Police said that they monitored and profiled all the persons Zachary Nyaora Obadiah was likely to call when he was on the run.
“He knew he was wanted and he used strange numbers to call his relatives to inform them of his movements,” the police privy to investigations told
“The suspect called his mother at least four times. The mother advised him to surrender to authorities but he told her he would consider that later.”
Phone owners told the police after being traced that the caller was a stranger to them in a public service vehicle, who requested their phones to make calls.
And they confirmed it was Obadia after the police showed them his picture, though he had a mask.
Obadia informed the mother that he was in Kilgoris but would not go home. He said that he was heading to Kehacha, which is the border of Kenya-Tanzania.
“It was then that police alerted their counterparts at the border to be on the look, and that is how he was arrested,” an investigator told our reporters.
Obadiah dumped his phone at a garbage dumpsite in Nairobi’s Mukuru after he realized the police were looking for him.
“Police have been on his trail with authorities tracking his phone calls leading to his arrest on Monday,” the police said.
The suspect is currently being detained for ten days by police to complete investigations.
He is facing robbery with violence and assault in the city after he escaped the police dragnet on March 7.

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