May 16, 2022

Uhuru, Raila suffer big blow after Parties Registrar admit they can’t remove Ruto from office

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The Registrar of Political Parties cannot remove Deputy President William Ruto from office after the DP decamped to the United Democratic Alliance.

Ann Nderitu said that her office will allow Kenyans to excercise their political rights.

“It’s a process, for which the starting point could be moving from one political party to another. But there are many other different processes…for this office we want to concentrate mostly on political rights …Kenyans have a right to move from one political party to another…other institutions of government should do their part,” the Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu said.

The remarks comes after the Jubilee Party National Delegates Convention (NDC) resolved to remove the DP from the party’s registered persons.
Key among those were Ruto who now leads the UDA) party brigade.
The Jubilee Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni threatened to cause action against persons that have left the Jubilee party.

“I will write letters to the county assemblies, asking them that they remain faithful to the law and the provisions of the law because the same must be triggered by the party, and that is what we will do. Evidence of having moved on is the payment that was made and the receipt that was issued by the party,” said Kioni.
Nderitu added that the focus of the office, for now, is to facilitate Kenyans their rights to belong to parties of their choice.
There are hundreds of leaders who have resigned from various political parties to seek reelection in new parties.
She added that her office cannot initiate the process of removing from office all elected leaders who resign from political parties that sponsored them at the last general election.
“It’s one thing for an NDC to pass a resolution, and another if they followed the due process. Unless resolutions are filed with the Registrar, it’s impossible to confirm whether the due process was followed,” said Nderitu.

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