May 18, 2022

[PHOTOS] Goverment must address challenges facing youth-Radico

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The Government must step up efforts aimed at addressing challenges facing youth in Kenya, digital strategist Dennis Itumbi led youth group RADICO has declared.
RADICO is a youth movement that seeks to rally youth from across the country to come together to compel the Government to address key issues affecting the youth.
In a statement dubbed Limuru 3 declaration read by Mr Itumbi, they called on the Government to do away with retrogressive and punitive policies that have promoted poverty and unemployment in the country.
They said the Government has done very little to ensure youth have jobs and opportunities, a situation that has left youth poor and depressed.
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Mr Itumbi said it was time the Government devolved the various youth empowerment funds to ward level, remove unnecessary requirements for job seekers and give new youth owned businesses at least 2 years tax break.
He said: “Youth Fund, Uwezo Fund, Jijenge Fund and Women Fund and any other fund dedicated to Youth be made easily accessible, in the same manner as FULIZA and other online lenders.”
MPs Present were John Kiarie (Dagoretti South), Charles Kanyi (Starehe), George Theuri (Embakasi West), Patrick Wainaina (Thika Town) and a host of aspirants.
Mr Itumbi said it was unfortunate that the Government had subjected youth to an oppressive and expensive clearance process saying CRB, HELB and good conduct certificates should be discarded.
He urged employers to do away with unrealistic work experience that locks out skilled and talented youth from the job market.
Mr Itumbi also called on the Government to ensure offenders who have been rehabilitated and reformed are given a fresh start.
He said: “As such the office of the DCI ought to issue them with a clean Certificate of Good Conduct as opposed to making ex-convicts carry the guilt burden all their life.”
Mr Itumbi called for the abolition of the delegate system of picking students representative in universities in favour of a popular vote system.
He said: “This is the true meaning of basic democracy as exemplified by article 1 of the Constitution of Kenya.”
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Mr Itumbi urged the Government to put in place deliberate measures aimed at ensuring that society treats Persons Living With Disabilities are treated justly.
He said: “This will start with a practical guarantee that statutory PWDs fund allocations including mandatory 30% entitlement in procurements are implemented to the letter.”
Legislators who attended the event vowed to support Hustler Friendly policies and initiatives aimed at empowering youth.
Mr Kanyi said legislators allied to the Hustler Nation are committed to empowering youth through the creation of income-generating opportunities.
He said: “Let us not look down on opportunities that have the potential of creating wealth for the youth.”
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Mr Kiarie said they were keen on ensuring youth engaged in SMEs flourish.
Mr Theuri urges the youth not to give up and instead team up and negotiate for their space.
He said: “This is our time to determine the direction our country will take.”
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