May 17, 2022

Nairobi Governor Anne Kananu is incompetent -Nairobi County MCAs

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Nairobi Governor Anne Kananu is incompetent, a section of the Nairobi County Members of the Assembly has said.
The MCAs said that Kananu has neglected Nairobians.
Waithaka Member of County Assembly Anthony Kiragu said that elevating Kananu to be the governor of Nairobi was a mistake that the MCAs regret.
“If there is something that was done wrong in this county, then it must be making Kananu the governor of Nairobi. She is an absentee in her office. She does nothing and pockets her salary,” Kiragu said.
The MCAs said that the county chief has always been in nightclubs and bars drinking.
“She is rarely in the office, but when she is in the office, she is drunk,” Kiragu said.
“She is accused of being drunkard and she is always drinking in nightclubs. She shows up in the office while drunk. The bottle she moves around with contains alcohol and not water. We shall soon discuss this as an Assembly,” he added.
The remarks come after Kiragu promised to table a motion to discuss issues affecting the city residents following alleged Kananu’s incompetency.
The MCAs called on Nairobians not to make the mistake of voting for her in the coming polls.
Kiragu has further called out Kananu to address the issue of Senior Nairobi County Officials who were arrested in Dubai while allegedly taking bribes on her behalf.
“We saw her photos doing rounds on social media that she is in Dubai. Let her be told that we know she is in Kilifi drinking and enjoying,” one of the worker’s leaders who sought anonymity said.

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