May 17, 2022

I like Diamond-Zari

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Ex-Diamond wife Zari has admitted that she now likes his ex-husband more now than when they were dating.

The socialite said that she regrets not giving Diamond a lot of attention.

“I didn’t give him attention. But after some time, I decided to meet him and I realized he has a good heart. He is a good guy,” Zari told reporters in Kampala.

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Zari was addressing journalists in Kampala where she fielded questions about her new boyfriend and how they meet. The boyfriend, GK Choppa, is a businessman.

The two have been spotted in several joints getting cosy.

Zari told the media that GK Choppa pursued her for three good years before she agreed to a first date.

“He was very persistent and he would shower me with different gifts to soften my heart towards him,” she said.

Zari said that they have never reconciled with Bongo star Diamond Platnumz despite the couple featuring in a Netflix show dubbed Young and Famous.

“I swear, we have not been in bed together for a long time,” she said, adding, “We are just friends now and I have now grown to like him more than even when we were lovers.”


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