May 18, 2022

Uhuru officially endorses Raila

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has endorsed former opposition leader Raila Odinga’s presidency.
The President urged his community to back Raila’s bid saying he has the best interests for the country at heart.
“I’m asking you to support Raila Odinga as he means well for the Country. When my young man reforms, we will consider him,” Uhuru said on Wednesday. He was addressing delegates from Mount Kenya at Sagana state lodge.

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Uhuru said that he has no problem supporting Deputy President William Ruto in future if he reforms.
“And I ask you, let’s support that Mzee (Raila). Even this, my young man (Ruto), when he gets back on track, we will give him (the seat) later on. I don’t have any problem. I have not denied anyone, but for now, let’s focus,” Uhuru said.
Uhuru has previously hinted at supporting Raila but today the President endorsed the former Prime Minister.
The president during the Sagana III meeting said that Raila was the best leader to succeed him.
Uhuru just like today, also defended his track record saying that he outperformed former presidents Mwai Kibaki, Daniel Moi and Jomo Kenyatta.
He added that the ODM leader understands where the country is heading, and will therefore be at peace to hand to him the leadership mantle.
“Kibaki left mean economy worth Sh5 trillion, today, the person I will hand government to…and its is that person (referring to shouts of Baba) Yes! Yes!


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