May 18, 2022

Police shoot one Thug Dead as others Escape

Crime scene

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A robbery with violence suspect was shot dead last night in Kawangware, Nairobi.
The operation comes after the police intensified a crackdown on criminal gangs across the city.
The suspect was part of a gang that was robbing pedestrians in Kawangware.
“The suspect, who was part of a miscreant gang that was robbing pedestrians of their valuables, had just accosted a man who was headed home at around 9 pm,” the police said.
“It is the man’s screams of despair that attracted the cops who were on patrol along Kabiru road.”
The police said that the thugs opened fire on officers who had gone to rescue the victim.
” As the officers rushed to the aid of the victim the thugs opened fire prompting them to dash down for their safety, as they took position to respond,” the police added.
“What followed was a deafening hail of fire as the officers gave the thugs a taste of their own medicine, fatally wounding one of them as his accomplices scampered for dear life with gunshot injuries.”
A firearm loaded with 3 rounds of 9mm calibre was recovered and a manhunt for the two remaining criminals was launched.


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