May 16, 2022

Sabina’s confessions that Jubilee stole elections are last kicks of a dying horse-Muthama

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UDA Chairman Johnstone Muthama has said reports that the state will rig this year’s August polls are last kicks of a dying horse.

The former Machakos Senator said that the recent utterances by Murang’a Women Representative Sabina Chege suggesting the possibility of rigging elections show Azimio has no support at the grassroots.

Muthama said Raila -led coalition had already shown signs of defeat based on Chege’s comments.

“They’ve conceded defeat 7 months to election. INTERESTING!!!” said Muthama on Friday.

Muthama was responding to remarks by Chege that the president Uhuru Kenyatta stole the last elections.

“I have heard others saying we rigged, there is some truth in it. So, if we managed to rig, even this one we can. They think they are the smartest,” she said during a tour of Western region on Thursday. She was accompanied by other Azimio La Umoja-leaning politicians.

Muthama said that credible, free and fair elections are the cornerstone of a democratic political system.


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