May 16, 2022

ODM warns its aspirants against violence

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ODM party has warned its aspirants across the country against using violence in their campaigns ahead of the party nominations.
ODM National Elections Board Chairperson Catherine Mumma said any aspirant found guilty of engaging in violence shall be banned from the party primaries by the party’s national elections board, she advised those eying various political seats under the ODM ticket to focus on non-violent campaigns.
On the same note, Hussein Mohammed who is the chairman WSR presidential campaign team has condemned the reckless remarks by COTU chair Francis Atwoli who is in the Azimio campaign team saying elections like any other contest have to have winners and losers.
Hussein said in a press statement that Atwoli painted a picture to the public’s that elections were to seem like a matter. Of life and death which on the contrary was the case and that this would lead to violence in quest of crude humour.
Atwoli had earlier painted The Deputy president as his junior who lacked experience In Politics and did not deserve the countries top seat.

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