May 18, 2022

Detectives pursuing thugs breaking into cars in the Coast region

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Nyali detectives are pursuing a ring of car breakers operating at the Coastal region.
The police said that the suspects use two cars to trail wealthy victims in the region.
“Using two motor vehicles, the hoodlums trail motorists who spin opulent cars, until they (targets) park and leave to run errands or refresh at their preferred joints,” the police said.
“Blocking the targeted car to ensure no curious person or cctv detects what is happening, they smash the car’s valance window, sweep all the valuables their hands can land on before hurtling away.”
In the latest incident yesterday, the gang operating a KCW 509Y Toyota Vitz and KCY 908K Toyota Sienta broke into a Toyota Prado belonging to Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD).
They stole valuable worthy 700,000 shillings in the car parked at 1st Avenue behind Nyali City Mall for breakfast..
The car was being used by the Ministry of Education officers based in Nairobi who were in Mombasa on official duty.
“Minutes later when they returned to their car, they found the car’s left window vent glass broken, which the perpetrators used to gain entry and steal a professional camera valued at Sh500,000, a Sh120,000 laptop, hard disks, bags containing personal effects and documents among other valuables,” the police said.
Cctv footages obtained captured the two vehicles parking at the front and rear sides of the victims’ vehicle, before speeding off.
Police have since circulated the two motor vehicles, which are believed to be operating with fake registration plates.
Meanwhile, motorists are adviced to be wary of these criminal trend, always securely locking and parking their vehicles at safe yards and/or having someone keep an eye on them. Checking your vehicle whenever it’s alarm goes off may thwart an unauthorized ingress.

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