May 17, 2022

Uganda bans women from occupying front seats in trucks

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Women in Uganda will not be allowed to sit in the driver’s cabin.
The ban is meant to mitigate rampant road accidents. to mitigate road accidents.
Most of those who sit in the front cabins are female traders.
The authorities claimed women were partly responsible for the accidents that occur in Lira City.
Authorities believe that women wear short and revealing skirts and dresses to distract truck drivers in the cabin.
They added that it had become a common trend among the women in the region, making them a major road hazard, to endanger the lives of many other road users.
Local media houses said that the decision was made following a road accident that killed nine people in the Lira area on January 10 this year.
“The accident occurred after a Fuso truck transporting traders and their merchandise got involved in an accident at Pii-awac swamp, seven kilometres east of Lira City,” The Monitor reported.
The chairman of Lira City Mobile Market Vendors Association Patrick Opio Obote said that some of them dress indecently and demand to sit in the co-drivers seat
“Such women often claim that they do not want to sit behind the truck because of dusty roads,” he said.
“To reduce accidents, we have resolved that with effect from Monday, January 17, no woman shall be allowed to sit in front of any truck transporting traders from Lira City to any weekly markets.”

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