May 18, 2022

I enjoy immunity, and can’t be sued -Uhuru

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that he has absolute immunity.
The President told the Supreme court that he can’t be sued for performing presidential functions.
Uhuru’s lawyer Waweru Gatonye told the Supreme court that the lower courts erred in law by finding that he can be sued.
“If it were that it was allowed for every Tom and Harry to file suit against the President, it would distract him from performing the more important duties for running the state,” Gatonye said on Tuesday.
Gatonye was speaking on the second day of the BBI hearing, where he was challenging the Court of Appeal and the High Court that the President can be sued in his personal capacity during his tenure in office.
“It cannot be doubted, but there are three main organs of state and our constitutional setup, and those institutions require to act in a dignified manner so that the public can have confidence in them,” he said.
Uhuru said that Presidential immunity is the preservation of national security, and it must be protected to ensure the dignity of the Office of the President.

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