May 18, 2022

Police want to arrest Jimmy Wanjigi

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Police want to arrest Jimmy Wanjigi.
Wanjigi is a businessman and political strategist.
Multiple sources confirm that an unknown number of police officers are at Wanjigi’s Kwacha office, in Nairobi.
A guard told Iganjo media that the police are standing at strategic positions outside his office.
“We are not sure how many police officers are here. We are also not sure why they want to arrest him,” the guard said.
Wanjigi’s arrest comes months after he started holding rallies with Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka.
“You have managed to fix me twice, you fixed me in 2013 when you brought Uhuru and Ruto and again forced me to support Raila. Congratulations Jimi, now it’s you. On a lighter note I want you to know that Jimi is a wonderful person to work with, once he is committed to a course you can’t change him,” Kalonzo said.
Jimmy said that he was ready to carry the ODM flag in the next polls. He added that Raila spent his last bullet in 2017.
“I am going for the ODM presidential seat, just like Raila. Raila has never declared his candidature though. Raila in 2017 said he was firing his last bullet that was already spent,” Wanjigi said.
“We expect free and fair part nominations. In 2017, Kalonzo was saying it was his time, I told him we give Raila one more chance, he agreed and said all was well encouraging that we work hard so that we win the presidential seat.”
“In 2022, it can’t be Baba, it ended. We are on another coalition and that’s why we are saying the like-minded leaders must come together because the future is dangerous,” Wanjigi said.

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