May 18, 2022

Ruto apologise over Linturi Madoadoa remarks

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Deputy President William Ruto has apologized to Kenyans over madoadoa remarks made by Meru Senator Mithika Linturi.
The DP warned leaders to be mindful of their language when on the campaign trail.
He said that politicians and leaders in both UDA, as well as other parties, must work towards building a united country.
“We (UDA) do not subscribe to any divisive talk. We do not agree with any talk that profiles individuals, groups, or communities,” Ruto stated on Monday in Bomet stadium, Rift Valley.
“We want every inciter in Kenya, whether they belong to UDA or the other side, to face the law equally so that we can secure our nation.”
The DP’s remarks follow Linturi sentiments that people should vote out madoadoa.
Linturi was on Sunday arrested.
“Senator Linturi made a statement he regrets. He has apologized and withdrawn the statement. Going forward, all of us in my team must be mindful about our language and watch what we say so that we can unite this country,” Ruto.
The DP also campaigned for a bottom-up economy model during his tour of the Rift valley.
“Kenyans are yearning for political leadership that delivers economic change and the bottom-up agenda is a response to that need. We have to bring ordinary Kenyans into opportunity and prosperity, we must lift the Mama Mboga, the bodaboda operator, the youth and farmers,” he said.
The DP said that political leadership is about the people and their social and economic needs.
“It is not only about the interests of political leaders. The people are supreme. Their prosperity and wellbeing are more important than political interests,” he said.

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