May 18, 2022

Leaders call for enhanced security in Pokot, Marakwet

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Leaders in the troubled borders of Pokot Central and Marakwet East have urged the government to provide adequate security in the area in the wake of fresh banditry attacks.
Led by Sigor MP Peter Lochakapong the leaders have said, “insecurity has completely disrupted their lives as locals flee for safety noting that by now at least 4 people have so far been killed in the attacks.

In Chesogon alone, hundreds have fled their homes for fear of attack as the new year started on a rather uncertain note for the residents. Areas of Cheptulel, Arpolo and Sokodow centres have also been affected.

Sigor MP Peter Lochakapong who toured the area expressed concern over laxity by the security organs to conduct an operation in the area. The MP said that businesses have been affected and residents are running out of supplies noting that the government needs to urgently intervene in bringing food aid to the affected areas.

Pokot Central Sub County Police Commander(OCPD) Bamford Surwa however says that they are doing patrols along the border to make sure residents graze their livestock and ensure that everything is normalized.
There have been ongoing killings along the border despite the Chesegon Peace Accord signed in 2019 between the warring communities.
Pokot Central and Marakwet East borders are a bed zone of frequent fights and attacks by bandits.
The zones have been the red spot of killings and attacks for animal and wealth acquisition.

Speculations however in the two areas have been surrounded by political affiliation and interests since they lie on the borders and are perfect to conduct business as well as allow “voters” on either side.

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