May 19, 2022

Diamond is not the right man, I am single-Zuchu

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Tanzanian musician Zuchu has said that she has been single for one year.
The songstress who is behind the ‘Nyumba ndogo’ and ‘Sukari’ hits said that she can’t date her boss Diamond.
She said that she was waiting for the right man.
“I am single; I have been single actually for a very long time. Been single for about a year,” she said.
Zuchu was responding to media reports that she was dating Diamond. She dismissed the reports as rumours and added that she was looking for the right man.
“Most relationships that you rush into do not end up well. I am waiting for the right time and I will date but as for now, I am not interested.”
Zuchu said that she won’t rush into a new relationship unless she spots a right goodman who will make her happy.

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