May 16, 2022

Kenyans will eat more ugali in January-Millers

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Kenyans are expected to eat more ugali in January, millers have said.

This is after they snubbed ugali, which is the local staple food, during the Christmas and happy new year season.

It is believed that most Kenyans were eating wheat products and rice to mark the festive season.

Millers told a local newspaper that the high demand for ugali will lead to higher prices of maize flour across the nation.

“In December, there is normally lower demand for maize flour as households consume more of other goods other than maize flour. By the end of this week, we shall have a clearer picture of what the market will look like going forward,” chairperson of the United Millers Association Ken Nyaga said.

The millers said that the price of flour might reach Sh 130 for a two-kilogramme packet. It currently trades at Sh122.

In December, most brands were retailing at Sh108 last month.

The increase of the flour price will be pushed by the higher prices of maize, which have already hit Sh3,200 when delivered to millers in Nairobi, from Sh2,800 previously.


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