May 18, 2022

Police shoot a defilement suspect in the buttock

Crime scene

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Police have shot a defilement suspect on the buttock during a confrontation.
This is after Andrew Ngugi Wairimu alias Makai engaged the police officers in a cat and mouse game for hours was arrested this morning in Maragua, Murang’a county.
“Determined to bring the rape suspect to justice, one of the officers engaged in the operation employed reasonable force and shot him on the left buttock, bringing to an end Makai’s 6 months of temporary freedom,” the police.
In an incident that brought Maragua town to a standstill, Makai was cornered after escaping from lawful custody on June 4, 2021.
The 20-year-old suspect had been arrested last year for gang rape and has two separate defilement charges, pending before Kigumo Law courts. Consequently, a warrant for his arrest was issued by the same court.
Police officers who had gotten wind of Makai’s whereabouts ambushed him at the Border area of Maragua township, but in his characteristic manner, the machete-wielding suspect resisted arrest and attempted to flee.
“The suspect is currently admitted at Maragua sub-county hospital under the tender care of medical personnel, who have since declared him out of danger,” the police said.
“The Officer Commanding Station, Maragua, has assigned one sentry to Makai’s hospital bed, just in case he harbours the idea of escaping again and his remaining buttock suffers a similar fate as the left one.”
Meanwhile, detectives based in Murang’a south have taken up the matter and are preparing the suspect’s file to arraign him, immediately he leaves the hospital.

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