May 18, 2022

Kajiado Governor Lenku promises to support women

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Kajiado Governor Joseph Lenku has affirmed his commitment to support women empowerment programs. Addressing a section of women drawn from all the 25 wards within the county, Lenku said was time to liberate Maasai women who have for a long time faced a myriad of challenges.

During the meeting the Kajiado County Governor Joseph Lenku met more than 2,000 women from all the 25 wards across the county. It was during a forum dubbed “Women Empowerment Convention”  that the governor emphasized the need for women empowerment through development projects and formal employment.

While affirming administration’s commitment to elevating the status of women, Lenku also pointed out that time was ripe for women to take up an active role in leadership Lenku and Speaker.The women hailed the projects that have been initiated by the devolved unit which they say have been pivotal in helping them fend for their families .

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