May 18, 2022

PrideInn Hotel group seeks to grow ist foot prints in ten more counties

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Indigenous hotel group, PrideInn Hotel is eyeing tourism and hospitality investment in ten more counties as it seeks to grow its foot prints post Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking at the Pride Inn Paradise Beach Resort in Shanzu, Mombasa, Group Managing Director, Hasnain Noorani said that the hotel group is looking for opportunities outside Nairobi and Mombasa counties within nature conservation areas to invest in luxurious hospitality facilities.

”As we seek to grow our presence in the country, we have identified ten counties across Kenya to start a PrideInn brand. This will largely depend on availability of opportunities in these counties,” Hasnaini said.

Hasnain said that PrideInn Group is looking at adding 10 new properties to its growing number of hotels.

He said that Kenyan tourism is once again picking up steadily and that interest by foreign tourists to visit Kenya post covid-19 is set to increase.

”When we pitched camp at the recently concluded  Ukraine Travel Trade show in Ukraine, there was considerable interest in destination Kenya by tour operators and tourists alike . This is clear indication of Kenya’s popularity as a long haul destination of choice,” he added.

Peaceful business environment in the Kenya has greatly boosted the tourism industry which was adversely affected by the prolonged Covid-19 containment measures and travel advisories since the beginning of last year

Mr. Noorani said the hotel industry has started feeling the positive effects of lifting of curfew and travel advisories with an increase in both domestic and regional tourist bookings.

“Hotel bookings and occupancies are on an upward trajectory this season compared to last year same time. This has been attributed to relaxed covid-19 containment measures and continuous covid-19 vaccination program. Peaceful environment experienced in the country as well as enhanced security has also played a big role,” said Mr. Hasnain

SGR and increased frequencies of local low-cost carriers flying to the coastal towns has played an important role as hoteliers are now having many Kenyans planning to spend their Christmas holidays in Mombasa this year.

In North Coast, while lighting 2021 Christmas tree to officially open the Christmas festivities, PrideInn Paradise Beach Resort & Spa General Manager Ann Peggy said that they are expecting bookings to go up to 99 per cent by mid-December.

She credited the increased booking patterns to the ongoing covid -19 vaccination program, festivity mood and increase in number direct flights to Moi International Airport.

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