May 16, 2022

Young boys sodomise a drunk 41-year-old in Murang’a

Crime scene

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A 41-year-old man was last evening rushed to a Murang’a hospital in serious condition, after he was sodomised by four young men.
In the bizarre incident that left villagers of Githiagara in Kugumo, Murang’a county in shock, the man was walking home from imbibing frothy waters with elders, when he was approached by the four, at around 1am.
They immediately dragged him to a secluded area before they wrestled him to the ground and did the despicable act in turns. After the act, they left the man who was walking from Kahethu shopping centre lying on the ground helpless.
Following the beastly incident, two suspects Bernard Kamande, 25 and Erick Kimani, 21 who were positively identified by the victim have been arrested.
They two are currently guests of the state at Muthithi police station, as detectives intensify their search for the rest of the suspects.

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