May 16, 2022

Residents kill a witchdoctor client in Mwingi

Crime scene

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A man’s appointment with a witch doctor turned tragic, after an altercation between them attracted a rowdy mob that came to the rescue of the witch doctor.
Muthui Mwenga, 65, had gone to consult the traditional ‘medicine man’ in Mwingi East, Kitui County before an argument arose over an unspecified issue.
Neighbours in Mathuki area reported hearing the wails and screams of the well known 80-year-old witch doctor, who has over the years earned himself a good reputation in Mathuki, for his trade. They immediately rushed to his rescue in their numbers.
On arrival, they found him writhing in pain after being attacked on the head by the client turned assailant. The angry residents descended on the client with all manner of projectiles, killing him on the spot.

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