May 17, 2022

I love Jalang’o, publicly declares Amina Chao

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Amina Chao, the wife of Jalang’o has for the first time in public spoken out about her the comedian, whose real name is Phelix Odiwuor.

Mrs Odiwuor said that he loves Jalang’o with her whole being.

“We are very privileged to have you in this space. You are not just our friends but a family. You who stand with us when we need you at such a moment don’t just deserve the title of a friend but family,” Amina said.

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She was speaking during a fundraiser for Jalango’s political campaign. Jalang’o has declared his interests in the Lang’ata MP seat.

“I stand in front of you as his better half. I love him with everything part of my being. And I am going to stand behind him until the odds fall in our favor on that day the 9th of August 2022,” she said.

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She went on;

“This man here, I would just like to tell you a bit about him.”

“Growing up he was not so privileged he didn’t come from those families that are well off. Many a times he has told me stories where he has gone to school – I’m sorry to say this – butt naked with just a long shirt.”

“Many times he was sent home from school because he hadn’t paid school fees. And he had to go to school without shoes.”

This guy has a lot of shoes right now? So you can imagine why? And just looking at who he has turned out to be you can basically say his experiences have shaped him.”

“You can basically say that his experiences have shaped him to be who he is right now he is so kind he’s got so much dignity he’s so hard-working and I think these are the leaders we are looking out for, not just for Langata but for the whole of Kenya.”

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