May 18, 2022

Religious leaders endorsed the Covid-19 vaccines

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe

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Religious leaders have endorsed the Covid-19 vaccines.
The leaders, who launched a three-month vaccination awareness campaign, signed a declaration to promote COVID-19 vaccination and allow religious spaces for vaccinations.
“We need to ignore the myths and misconceptions, let us reach out to as many as possible and provide mental clarity and emotional help to those who are in need,” chairman of the Hindu Council of Kenya Gupta Kamal said.
The declaration committing to promote vaccination was signed by religious leaders from the Christian, Hindu and Muslim communities under the umbrella of the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK.)
It was witnessed by Health Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman who represented Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe.
The inter-faith leaders emphasized science and faith do not conflict. They urged their congregants to shun myths and misconceptions associated with the vaccine and get the jab for their protection.
The Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman who cited misinformation and disinformation as the main driver responsible for vaccine hesitancy.
UNICEF Country Director Maniza Zaman commended religious leaders for partnering with the government to improve access to vaccinations following the availability of vaccines in the country.
“No matter what our faith is we share a common belief. We must do everything within our power to protect our communities from this deadly disease” Zaman told the forum.
Additionally, she called on the interfaith leaders to remain the voice of reason as trusted community leaders in the war against the pandemic and persuade the public on the importance of vaccination in protecting lives.
SUPKEM Chairman Al-Hajj Hassan Ole Naado speaking on Islamic medical jurisprudence said vaccination remains a powerful tool in the preservation of health, wealth and life in line with the five doctrines of sharia law.
“It is interesting to note, that vaccination fulfils all the objectives of sharia, for example in so far as the preservation of religion is concerned Muslims who are vaccinated against the vaccine-preventable disease will be in a better position to uphold and put into practice all the obligatory acts of worship of their religion. He stated.
“For instance today, you can’t go to Mecca, you can’t go to Hajj you can’t go to Umrah unless you are vaccinated.’’

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