May 17, 2022

Rapper King Kaka forgives the doctor that misdiagnosed him

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King Kaka has forgiven the doctor that misdiagnosed him.
The rapper whose real name is Kennedy Ombima told a local news station that he will not take action against the doctor
“I forgive and forget. We forgive, and that is life,” King Kaka said.
“I fell sick like four months ago, the judgment of the doctor was wrong. I was given the wrong prescription and so the medicine started eating me up slowly so I started losing weight.”
The Dundaing hitmaker was misdiagnosed and given the wrong prescription that made him stay in the hospital for months. He ended losing 33kgs.
“Dear Fans, it’s only right that I share this with you. I have been sick for 3 months 8 days now. I was misdiagnosed. Lost 33kgs and in the process, we started hospital visits, did all the tests and they were Negative funny thing is I feel no pain and we are still hopeful that we will get the solution soon,” King Kaka said.
“Saa hii niko poa, nashukuru mungu, I can eat, I can walk, every day is a blessing so I’m really excited.’’
The rapper thanked his wife Nana Owiti for standing by him through this trying moments.

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