May 18, 2022

Kisumu man blows himself up with his parents, daughter

Crime scene

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A man has blown himself up killing his two parents in a suicide bomb mission in the Katito area, Kisumu County.
The police said that Joseph Odhiambo Ondiek aka Pope who has been working in a quarry in the area has been on the radar of anti-terror police.
“Ondiek aka Pope went to the homestead of one Petro Onyango and his wife Mary Atieno whom he found seated with their daughter Nancy Aoko and started to question them. Suddenly, an Improvised Explosive Device that he was carrying went off killing Pope and the couple aged about 55,” media houses reported.
His daughter sustained injuries and is admitted to a Kisumu hospital.
Police claimed that the bomber is a returnee from the al-Shabaab terrorist group.
Pope is an orphan and a class 5 dropout. Locals said that he left home more than 5 years ago for Mombasa.
Anti-terror police have been sent to the area to investigate the incident.
They added that he used locally made explosives which he had tied around his waist to blast the parents.

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