May 18, 2022

I am gaining weight because of my health condition, says Akothee

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Flamboyant singer Akothee has revealed that she is gaining weight because of a health condition.

The mother of five said that she is swollen due to struggling with sleepless nights of pain.

“Don’t meet me and start telling me how fat I am, I am having a health condition, I am swollen due to struggling with sleepless nights of pain, I am afraid to go to bed for I wake up with numbness on my fingers this situation is scary for me,” Akothee said on Instagram.

The Abebo said that it was bad to wish someone bad luck. She also cautioned people approaching her with the weight gain conversation.

“I pity one of my close relatives who said I am pretending I still don’t know what to tell her,” she said.

“Kwani am I in a boarding school I need permission to go home? ! Or who do I even take my pity too? Am I an employee so I could get free time to hang around my family and not go to work Wao!”

She added that she was self-employed and does not require anyone’s permission to go on a holiday.

“I am self-employed and I don’t need permission from anyone, I can take holidays anytime I feel like if there is anyone who wishes you bad luck are people you take close to your heart pray for them anyway,” she said.

Akothee received support from fans and fellow celebs. They wished her a quick recovery and encouraged her to remain strong.

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