May 18, 2022

A robbery with violence suspect arrested in Nairobi after a failed mission

Crime scene

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A robbery with violence suspect is cooling his heels at a police cell after a robbery mission at a house in Shauri Moyo area of Nairobi backfired.
Ian Otieno, 25, and his three accomplices had gained access to the house of a family within Jua Kali area at 10pm last night, ordering the victims to cooperate and lie down lest they suffered dire consequences.
The four-man gang robbed the family of three mobile phones, before unmounting a 43 inch Hisense TV as they ransacked the house for more valuables.
The gang’s robbery adventure was however cut short by a neighbour who spotted the gang terrorizing the family, raising a distress call that scared them off.
As he scampered to escape the wrath of a thronging mob, Otieno had brandished a dagger with which he inflicted a cut on the neighbour’s head, perhaps for spoiling their felonious party.
Taking advantage of the help from his neighbourhood that set the gang into a panic, the man of the house raised the police at the nearby Shauri Moyo station.
Responding swiftly and getting a gist of the violent robbery, the police pursued the criminal gang, moments later cornering and arresting Otieno who clung on to the stolen TV. A bloodstained knife was also found tucked on his trousers.
Otieno is awaiting arraignment for violent robbery as police pursue the rest of the gang members.

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