May 16, 2022

Uhuru congratulates Barbados for becoming a state

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has sent a congratulatory message to the people of the new Republic of Barbados.
Barbados officially removed Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state and became a republic in an overnight ceremony in the capital of Bridgetown.
Dame Mason was sworn in as the president during the midnight event that coincided with the country’s 55th anniversary of independence.
“President Uhuru Kenyatta has sent a congratulatory message to Her President Dame Sandra Mason, Prime Minister Mia Amor Motley and the People of the new Republic of Barbados on the auspicious occasion of the country’s transition to a Republic today, 30th November 2021,” Uhuru said.

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Barbados became a republic today Tuesday, replacing the British monarch as its head of state and severing its last remaining colonial bonds nearly 400 years.
In his message of goodwill and best wishes, Uhuru affirmed Kenya’s readiness to continue partnering with the new Republic of Barbados in advancing Pan-Africanism.
Uhuru said that the transition was a testament to the strong resolve by the Barbadian people to chart their destiny.
At the same time, President Kenyatta congratulated Her Excellency Dame Sandra Mason on her assumption of the high office of President of the Republic of Barbados and wished her success as she steers the new Republic into a future of prosperity.
Prince Charles said that Barbados will continue having good ties with Britain despite the constitutional status change.
“Vessel Republic Barbados has set sail on her maiden voyage. May she weather all storms and land our country and citizens safe on the horizons and shores which are ahead of us,” she said after being sworn in.

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