May 18, 2022

Nick Mwendwa steps down as the Football Kenya Federation president

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Nick Mwendwa has stepped down as the Football Kenya Federation president.
Vice President Doris Petra has taken over from Mwendwa.
“In light of the foregoing, specifically, the frequent arrests and detentions, which have adversely affected my family and personal business and whilst I am confident I will be cleared of any wrongdoing, in the end, I have today in accordance with Article 42(8) of the FKF constitution (2017)asked my Vice President Madam Doris Petra to assume all functions of the FKF president,” Mwenda said in a letter to the National Executive Committee on Tuesday.
“Taking into consideration that I am personally being targeted in all this, my decision, has been arrived at with the federation’s best interest at heart.”
This comes after the former FKF president lost the bid to block his prosecution after he was charged with Sh38 million fraud.
Mwendwa pleaded not guilty after being arrested on Friday last week.
Mlimani senior principal magistrate Eunice Nyutu granted him Sh10 million bail or bond of Sh15 million with two sureties of a similar amount.
The court barred Mwendwa was barred from accessing FKF offices, contacting witnesses and publishing anything concerning his case.
The case will be mentioned on December 20.

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