May 18, 2022

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta Applauds Kianda School For Advancement Of Girls Education

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First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has thanked the founders of Kianda School for setting up the institution which she said had played a big role in the transformation of the wellbeing of the Kenyan girl-child for over 40 years through education.

The First Lady, who is an alumnus of Kianda School, said the institution has given Kenyan girls an opportunity to acquire virtues and develop good character in their pursuit of knowledge making them productive citizens.

“As a past student of Kianda, I owe deep gratitude to the four noble ladies who conceived the mission of the Foundation that has transformed lives of many girls and the values of Kianda School, and its unique approach to education for girls is one that we are proud to be associated with as alumni, parents and students,” said the First Lady.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta spoke Saturday morning when she flagged off the Kianda School Peperuka Marathon at Tigoni in Kiambu County which is aimed at raising funds for the financing of girls’ education in Kenya.

The First Lady applauded former students of Kianda School for selflessly giving back to the institution through mentorship and contribution to the school scholarship kitty dubbed Peperuka Scholarship Endowment Fund.

“I acknowledge the positive ripple effect of the scholarship fund; girls who have benefitted from the fund have been positively impacted and empowered. I applaud their devotion to give back through their participation in the Kianda mentorship program,” the First Lady said.

She thanked Kianda Foundation, formed 60 years ago and which spearheaded the formation of Kianda School in 1977, for setting up Peperuka Scholarship Endowment Fund saying the kitty had supported the education of over 200 girls in recent years.

“The idea of the Kianda Foundation has advanced over the years with the birth of the Peperuka Scholarship Endowment Fund. This Fund has become a true landmark in the school’s history that has provided over 200 scholarships to young girls.

“The success of the Peperuka Scholarship Fund is the reason we have gathered this morning; to make certain that many more girls from less fortunate homes live the Kianda experience,” she said.

The First Lady congratulated parents, students, alumni, friends and partners for supporting the marathon.

“The aim of the fund is noble and I applaud everyone here – parents and students, alumni, friends and partners – for coming together for this marathon,” she said.

In her remarks, Kianda School Principal Joan Odera said the Peperuka Scholarship Fund was set up to assist needy girls to access education at the non-profit private school.

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