May 19, 2022

JSC allows petitions seeking Chitembwe’s removal

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The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has allowed petitions seeking the removal of the High Court Judge Justice Said Chitembwe.
The Commission wants the judge to respond to the allegations by former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko within 14 days.
Chief Justice Martha Koome said the JSC has deliberated on the petitions, which accuse the judge of gross misconduct and impropriety.
“The petitions and the honourable judge’s response will be considered by a panel, which has been set up by the commission. The panel will present its findings to the commission,” JSC said in a statement.
The statement comes after the former Nairobi governor made allegations through various video recordings and recorded phone calls, which touches on the integrity of the judge.
The recordings suggest that the judge accepted money in exchange for favourable rulings in the corridors of justice.
As a result, Chitembwe’s response will be reviewed by a panel, which will then present its findings to JSC. The findings will also have recommendations.
Chitembwe said in a KTN interview on Wednesday night that Sonko videos were meant to tarnish his name.
“I highly suspect that it was Jimmy taking videos because Sonko was on my left…I didn’t invite them to my sitting room…unknown to me, this was a setup. Later on, my friends told me that whoever was wearing the goggles (Jimmy) was taking pictures,” Chitembwe said.
“There was no money to be paid, the videos were edited to frame me…the amounts being floated were not known to me, I just heard them in the video.”

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