May 18, 2022

Police investigating a BBC journalist killed in Kenya

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Police are investigating the death of BBC journalist Kate Mitchell assigned to Ethiopia.
The journalist body was discovered in a Nairobi hotel room on Friday last week.
Reliable sources said that the journalist was assigned to BBC Media Action’s Ethiopian office and returned to Kenya recently.
A BBC internal communication memo to its staff in Nairobi says the circumstances surrounding her death are unclear.
“We are working with the UK High Commission and the police in Nairobi… there is no indication that her death is connected to her work or the BBC,” the memo to staff stated.
Preliminary investigations said that the journalist may have been strangled to death.
Nairobi Regional Police Commander Benjamin Nthumbi said that Mitchell’s hotel room’s door was locked from inside when detectives arrived.
“Upon checking through the window, the detectives saw a man’s body lying on the ground. He was later identified as the man Mitchell had been seen with earlier,” Nthumbi said.
“The man had jumped off the eighth floor of the hotel through the room’s window.”
Sources within the hotel said that Mitchell pressed the alarm bell for help but it was late to receive any help.
There were some shards of a broken window on the floor in her room.
“The investigations are going on the determine Mitchell’s cause of death,” Police Commander Thumbi said.
Mitchell had also worked in Zambia and South Sudan.


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