May 18, 2022

Police are pursuing a gang that raided a bar in Isiolo, and shot a patron

Crime scene

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Police in Isiolo is in hot pursuit of an armed gang that raided a local pub last night, shooting at a patron on his thigh and inflicting numerous injuries on others before escaping with an unknown amount of money.
Following the 8 pm incident, police on patrol received a distress call from the owner of the bar locally known as “Wazee Hukumbuka” and responded swiftly.
They tactfully approached the scene where an unestablished number of gun-toting villains were roughing up patrons, as they frisked them for valuables.
In a well-calculated move that covered the bar’s possible exits, the officers announced their presence and intention to fire if the gang failed to surrender.
Defying the orders, one of the gang members went for the trigger, but before he could make a fatal aim at anyone, a hawk-eyed officer neutralized his efforts with a single shot that sent him sprawling on the floor.
Another aimless shot by an accomplice caused more panic to the revellers, who in a bid to secure a second lease of life took to their heels. Taking advantage of the commotion, the rest of the criminals staged their narrow escape.
CSI detectives who processed the scene found the lifeless body of the gangster and several customers who sustained injuries on various parts of the body inflicted by blunt objects.
Medical attention has since been sought for the casualties, as the deceased’s body lies at a Nanyuki morgue pending identification.

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