May 18, 2022

Four police officers murdered a Briton, Alexander Monson-Court

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Four police officers accused of murdering a Briton, Alexander Monson, are guilty of manslaughter.
A Mombasa court has ruled that Naftali Chege, John Pamba and Charles Munyiri and Ismael Baraka are responsible for the death of Monson.
Monson died on May 19, 2012, while in police custody.
Judge Erick Ogola said that Monson was tortured by police officers while in their custody. He added that witnesses also proved that the deceased got the injuries within the police cells after being arrested in perfect health.
“Monson was under custody yet they did nothing to avert his death. You let the deceased down in the hour of need,” Ogola said during the four-hour ruling.
The prosecution failed to prove their murder case.
Chege was sentenced to 15 years in prison and suspended five years, Munyiri 12 years of which six years are suspended, Baraka nine years of which five years are suspended while Pamba was handed 12 years where six are suspended.
Ogola said that the accused police officers took Alexender to the police cells instead of rushing him to the hospital.
“Despite the charges Monson was arrested for, he had a right to life which he was unfortunately denied by officers who had undergone police training on human rights and on how to handle suspects at the police station,” Ogola said.
On their part, Chege said that he regretted the incidents leading to his death and called for a non-custodial sentence.
Munyiri told the judge that this was his first-time offence who upheld his work ethic for all the years he served in the service.
Baraka said he was remorseful that his action led to a parent losing their child.

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