May 19, 2022

Public schools teachers want their counterparts in private stop admitting expelled students

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Kenya Secondary School want private schools to deny admission to students expelled in public schools for causing unrest.
The Kenya Secondary School Heads Association chairman lndimuli Kahi said that private should consider only new students with proper letters.
“At this time, some learners who want to transfer from one school to another might use the unrest to force their way out,” Kahi told a local media house today Wednesday.
The Association called on government to come up with long-lasting solutions to address the fire in schools.
“We want solutions to be made like reintroducing inter-school competition after midterm. The students are very energetic and need to make use of their energy through games. Engaging with other students could be therapy as well,” he said.
He appealed to education stakeholders to end the blame game and come up with a permanent solution to end the strikes.
“There are so many speculations being made and some cannot even hold water. The schools should help in what they know regarding strikes,” he said.
Kahi said that the children are putting parents who incur unnecessary losses for paying damages in school riots.
“The strikes cannot be attributed to one reason as different reactions from students in different schools lead to strikes. We should address issues such as indiscipline,” he said.
“When indiscipline pronounces itself, defiance comes, leading to anarchy. If seniors defy, then juniors follow them. We need to address this issue from the national perspective and lead by example even at the family level.”
He also called on proper guidance and counselling in schoolsas a long-term measure to counter indiscipline.
“Their load should be reduced by employing more teachers. This means more money from the exchequer, thus a collective responsibility to all of us in finding a solution,” Kahi said.
“Funding is very problematic as we speak. Schools are indebted as government capitation delays and is inadequate; you find some students missing in Nemis handled by the registrar of persons.”

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