May 18, 2022

Parents will Bear Costs Of Rebuilding school facilities Burnt By Children, says Magoha

Education CS Geirge Magoha

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Education CS George Magoha has warned parents that they will be fully liable for the costs of rebuilding classes and dormitories burnt down by their children.
The Education CS said that the school fires witnessed across the country in learning institutions appears to be driven by a syndicate benefitting from the tragedies.

He said that the parents will take full responsibility of the costs while the law will be applied for those found guilty.
“All those schools that have been burned, their parents shall build them, full stop. The government will not pay a penny,” Magoha said.
The fires have led to the destruction of properties and left more students injured during the fracas.
This forced the Ministry of Education to allow a half-term break for all learners between November 19-23.
Magoha asked parents to utilise the half term break to engage and guide their children.
“I continue to slightly castigate parents who still treat children as eggs, this has been part of the problem. There is an improvement, but the child must be allowed to be ready to survive on his or her own in an environment like this,” the CS said.
“If we catch you, first of all, that information will be part of your record for the rest of your life…and the law does not allow you, even if you’re 10 years, to go and buy petrol to burn public property…if you want to go burn your fathers’ building.”


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