May 17, 2022

A motorbike theft suspect thanks police for saving his life from mob justice

Crime scene

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A motorbike theft suspect is thanking police officers from Kamulu Police Post for his life after they saved him from the wrath of an irate mob last night.
The suspect whose life is hanging on the balance at a city hospital was cornered by an angry mob of boda boda riders after he stole a motorbike belonging to one of them.
Morris Simiyu had dropped off a passenger at the Manyatta area and parked his bike not far from the road, at around 8 pm. He then approached a client whom he was engaged to hire his services when a man suddenly jumped on his bike.
Before Simuyu would comprehend what was happening, the man tried to kick start the bike but failed in his first attempt. Simuyu raised alarm as he ran towards his only source of livelihood, but the determined thug gave the bike a second spirited kick, roaring the beast to life before speeding off towards Kamulu.
Simiyu’s desperate wails attracted fellow boda boda riders who upon getting wind of what had happened, gave chase in a bid to recover the bike. The riders about 30 in number with their bikes’ headlights at full beam went after the thug in a 14-kilometre wild race, reminiscent of a grand Prix motorcycle world championship.
About 300 metres to Kamulu Police post, the thug who could no longer keep up with the pace of the fast-approaching opponents screeched to a halt and jumped from the bike, opting to run towards the police station. But before he could get there, the irate riders caught up with him and gave him a dog’s beating, leaving him to contend with a swollen face and fractured limbs for his crime.
It took the intervention of police officers from the post to save the life of the suspect, from the wrath of the angry mob of boda boda operators. Even after the suspect had been arrested, the enraged riders attempted to snatch him from the officers for what they described as instant justice.
But the officers whisked him to the safety of a police vehicle and immediately rushed him to a city hospital where he is fighting for his life.
This incident follows the arrest of two suspects in Moyale three weeks ago, believed to be behind the spate of motorbike disappearances in the country.
The suspects who were in possession of over 350 logbooks and motorcycle number plates, were arrested by detectives following an operation that also led to the recovery of motorbikes stolen from western Kenya and other parts of the country.

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