May 18, 2022

A police shoots himself accidently chasing a suspect

Crime scene

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A detective based at Parklands Police station is nursing a bullet injury at a city hospital after he accidentally shot himself while arrest a suspect yesterday evening.
Detective Luke Juma was pursuing a dangerous suspect identified as Philips Munyasia, who has been on the run after a stupefying incident that left this victim fighting for his life.
Munyasia, 35, had taken flight when he spotted the detective coming for him, prompting a chase that left traders along Lunga Lunga road in Nairobi’s Industrial area, dismayed.
The suspect had outpaced Juma in a race that had the hallmarks of an Olympics steeple chase finals, as he jumped over water puddles and ditches with the detective chasing after him closely behind. After about 400 metres, Juma caught up with the suspect who was panting uncontrollably, struggling to catch a breath.
He pinned him to the ground and as they rolled with Juma struggling to handcuff a stubborn Munyasia, he accidentally discharged one round from his Ceska pistol holstered on his waist. The bullet went for his left leg just above the knee. He however restrained the suspect in his arms, until Corporal Abdilatif Ahmed, whose service to the nation shall be missed as he retires soon, arrived.
As the suspect remains behind bars, detective Juma is recuperating at a city hospital in stable condition.

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